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Apr 10, 2013

It has never been easier to live and work abroad. If you are self-employed and work online there is nothing to stop you. Why nor sublet your apartment for a few months and live abroad in a fascinating (and potentially cheap) destination? Here is a list of all the things that make long term travel super easy:
  • Have your home post rerouted to friend (or commercial service) who scans it into a Dropbox account for you. If a friend does it, buy them a multi-page scanner for this.
  • Get a professional agent to manage the sublet of your apartment back home
  • AirBnB for renting longer term accommodation (especially for whole apartments)
  • TripAdvisor for short term hotel stays
  • Cloud services for file storage (e.g. dropbox, google drive)
  • Clound services for backup (e.g. Crashplan or Backblaze)
  • A small scanner app on your smartphone for scanning any paper you need to keep (receipts etc) when abroad
  • Get your online banking set up for all the transaction types you will need to do
  • Get your Credit/Debit cards set for use abroad
  • A password manager (e.g. LastPass, 1Password) for your online passwords
  • An E reader (e.g. a kindle, iPad) to enable you to read as many books as you want while you are away
  • A lightweight laptop for your work
  • A Smartphone with a nice camera for taking pictures and getting online
  • An external encrypted drive for local storage/backup
  • International plugs for all your devices
103 Everything You Need To Make Long Term Travel Easy