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Jan 23, 2013

Part 2 in the short series of podcasts about The Voluntary Life. This episode is all about the podcast itself.

  • The podcast comes out once per week and is a mix of solo-casts and interviews. Some topics are covered in more detail as a series, like the entrepreneurship series.
  • The aim of the podcast is personal freedom empowerment: providing ideas for finding the maximum freedom in your own life, within an unfree world.
  • The podcast always takes a constructive approach: the angle on any topic is- what can you do to maximise your freedom in this area of life? 
  • All the topics are about things that are actionable and personally relevant at an individual level.
  • The podcast aims to explore the approach of living a free and voluntary life across all aspects of life (work, personal relationships, finances etc).
  • We showcase examples of voluntary living through interviews with people who have maximised their freedom in a particular aspects of life.

93 About The Voluntary Life Part 2: Empowerment