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Apr 10, 2012

An interview with Tarrin P. Lupo, about how he become a self-published author and how you could to. Tarrin is best known for being the author of the historical fiction series "Pirates of Savannah" and his children's book "Catch That Collie". He has successfully published thirteen eBooks and short stories. He is also a liberty activist who runs a news service called The Low Country Liberty Report and co-hosts the Wheels off Liberty podcast. He currently resides in Savannah Georgia and is a member of the Free State Project, spending time in New Hampshire promoting the ideas of Freedom and Liberty.

In the interview Tarrin explains the difference between self-publishing and traditional routes to publishing for authors. He talks about the business of self-publishing and provides guidance on how to successfully market your work. He shares his thoughts on the skill of writing and on what it takes to write commercially. He also provides his views about intellectual property and the publishing industry and his thoughts about where the industry is going.

51 Self-Publishing: An Interview With Tarrin Lupo