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Nov 8, 2014

We're selling our apartment, selling all our stuff, and leaving England behind to travel the world indefinitely. This means taking minimalism to the next level, since we'll only take with us those few possessions that will fit into two bags that we can fly with. To help with the task of getting rid of so much, I've created an inventory of everything that I own. This is a useful tool that I first heard about from the blog Man Vs Debt and read about in Your Money or Your Life.

I'm convinced that making an inventory of all your stuff can benefit everyone, not just those who plan to sell it all as we do. In this podcast episode, I explain some of the advantages of making an inventory of your stuff. An inventory can help you-
  • get an overview of what you own (most people have lost track of all the stuff they have accumulated)
  • identify the value of your possessions, as part of calculating your net worth.
  • develop a more conscious ownership of your stuff, so that you can get rid of all the clutter that you are not using.
  • make money by selling what you don't need.
I used a dedicated application called Home Inventory to create my inventory. In the podcast I suggest some of the useful things you can do if you use a database or dedicated inventory app.

Show Notes:

180 A Fearless Inventory Of Your Stuff