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Mar 23, 2016

Kevin Koskella from the Freedom Lovin podcast interviews Jake about the ideas in his book, Job Free, as well as life in Panama, entrepreneurship, and the permanent portfolio.

Show Notes:

240 Freedom Lovin' Interview— Job Free

Mar 15, 2016

Preparing for a life of travel involved getting rid of anything that I could not take with me in one suitcase. One big source of clutter to address was clothes. My clothes took up a lot of space, yet I hardly ever wore many of them.
As part of my extreme decluttering, I got rid of every item of clothing beyond a...

Mar 6, 2016

This episode is about how I moved all my data into the cloud. This has been an essential part of adopting a digital nomad lifestyle but is also relevant for anyone who wants a more minimalist, clutter-free life.

I digitised any data that could be, such as music, movies, photos, books, and documents. Once digital, I...