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Jul 15, 2019

A listener asks if he has to choose between financial independence and having children. Here's a response, including some fascinating data about the wider costs and benefits of having kids. Highlights from two bonus episodes. 

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Apr 15, 2019

This episode is a critique of the popular idea of forcing children to share and a discussion of a great alternative approach.

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Nov 2, 2018

Is the family subversive to politics and religion? That's the argument in a book called The Subversive Family by Ferdinand Mount, reviewed in this episode.

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356 The Subversive Family

Sep 4, 2018

This episode provides my perspective, as a former free-range kid, on the concept of free-range childhood. It is a review of the book Free-Range Kids: How to Raise Safe, Self-Reliant Children by Lenore Skenazy.

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Jun 14, 2018

A interview with James and Taylor Davis from the One Free Family podcast. James and Taylor explain their approach to peaceful parenting and unschooling. We had a great discussion about questioning the concept of self-directed learning, and many other interesting topics.

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