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Nov 27, 2012

This episode is about gaining freedom from intellectual heroes. I share some thoughts about how to extract the best ideas from thinkers that you admire, without relying on someone else to think for you. I talk about some ways I have found for gaining intellectual independence, including:

  • Taking apart the "package deal"...

Nov 20, 2012

This episode is an interview with Joel Bowman, the managing editor of The Daily Reckoning e-newsletter email and former managing editor of the Rude Awakening. After completing his degree in media communications and journalism in his home country of Australia, Joel moved to Baltimore to join the Agora Financial team. His...

Nov 11, 2012

This episode covers a lot of questions I faced getting started in investing as a private investor and my own experience in tackling these questions:

  • Why invest (i.e. why not just leave your money in a bank)?
  • Who is going to manage your investments, an external manager or yourself?
  • Are you going to be an active investor...