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Apr 26, 2018

How free are you? This episode is about a thought-provoking story by the philosopher Robert Nozick called "The Tale of the Slave". It is taken from his book "Anarchy, State, and Utopia."

Show Notes:

 334 How Free Are You? The Tale of The Slave By Robert Nozick

Apr 16, 2018

This episode is about some interesting opportunities that I am currently exploring for living in Portugal and Spain as an expat. I outline some of the potential benefits of Portugal's Non-Habitual Resident Scheme and Spain's Non-Lucrative Visa scheme. These residency options are particularly relevant for digital...

Apr 10, 2018

This episode is about the philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche, and whether or not there is anything useful in his work for those interested in finding individual freedom. I've read some great Nietzsche quotes about finding freedom in life. At the same time, he has a reputation for being very authoritarian...

Apr 5, 2018

"Think and Grow Rich" by Napoleon Hill is a well-known and influential book about wealth and personal development. The topics covered by this book are very relevant to The Voluntary Life, so I wanted to read this book to see why it is so famous. I share my thoughts about the book in this review.

Show Notes: